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“I promise to be TRUSTING and be trusted by being open and vulnerable and seek mutual dependability and reliance.”

With this vow, we promise to always be willing to not only be able to trust one another but also be working earning and maintaining each other’s trust.

What does the vow mean?

According to a dictionary, to be trusting is defined as full of trust or inclined to believe and confide readily. When we’re being trusting towards somebody it means that we have confidence in them and find them reliable.

Why do we need to be TRUSTING towards our spouse for a healthy and fulfilling relationship?

A healthy marriage requires both partners to trust and be trusted. And though it requires mutual commitment trust is something which takes time to build. You can only love someone if you trust them. Mutual trust is an extremely sought after virtue in a marriage and is the foundation of a fulfilling marriage.

Having an arranged marriage, the trust didn’t just come naturally to us. It took time to build and we had to work hard to not only to trust each other but also to be able to be trusted. So when I say “I promise to be trusting” it means we are willing to build our relationship together on mutual trust and choose to not only to trust each other but also to be trustworthy of each other.

Keep watching the space for the next vow with alphabet U. You can find the opening post to the vows “What marriage means to me?” here and the previous vow with alphabet S here.


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