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D for Devoted

“I promise to be DEVOTED and committed to you through both sunshine and the clouds and to continue to be passionate about us.”

With this vow, we promise to be fully dedicated to each other investing our full energy, love, desire, and loyalty into our relationship through the good parts and the bad alike. We promise to find things in each other that are worth fighting for, seeing them through and rediscovering them time and again.

What does the vow mean?

Devotion is defined as a strong feeling of ardent love and loyalty and that is why devotion is an essential virtue in a marriage. When you thought there was nothing quite as electrifying as falling in love you just came to realize that staying in love is more soul-satisfying. And that is what is achieved through devotion. Devotion is a direct reflection of the respect you have for your own ideas, vision, and well-being.

You need passion to burn the flame brightly but you need the devotion to keep it burning. Passion helps you start a relationship but it is devotion that makes you stay in the relationship and keeps you falling in love with the same person again and again.

Why do we need to be DEVOTED to our spouse for a successful marriage?

When we first met, though I found Mr. Husband a very decent man I still wasn’t keen on starting a relationship with him. On the other hand, he was very sure about me and said ‘yes’ the next day. I didn’t find him an interesting man initially but as we progressed in our relationship he started to grow on me. With time, I began recognizing the deeper and meaningful qualities he has. And slowly and gradually something changed in me and he started becoming more and more attractive to me. And before I could know I was madly in love with him. While it was love at first sight for him, it didn’t happen overnight for me. It took devotion – the time and emotions that Mr. Husband devoted to understanding me.

So, when I say “I promise to be devoted” it means I respect my man enough to be making a genuine effort to truly understand his dreams, his fears, and his desires and I am willing to let things unfold over time.

I strongly believe that being devoted to each other will help us achieve a lifetime of happiness. Why you ask? Because, the best relationships start with a passion but last because of devotion. Early in a relationship, it is very natural to feel “the high” as we feel excited and passionate to discover new things and have new experiences. But over time as the novelty begins to wear off and we start becoming more familiar with the person, the passion fizzles away.  It takes devotion to rediscover the passion that made them in the first place.

So, when I say “I promise to be devoted” I mean I am willing to continually rediscover those amazing shared experiences we once discovered out of passion and continue to stay in love. And by being devoted to each other’s dreams, aspirations and wellbeing we hope and wish to have a happy, successful and satisfying marriage.

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