“I promise to be UNITED” – #BlogchatterA2Z 

U is for UNITED

“I promise to be UNITED and work together as a team for a common goal and create a united front regardless of differences.”

With this vow, we promise to always keep a united front and work in unison towards a shared goal irrespective of our disagreements and divergence of opinions.

What does the vow mean?

A dictionary defines united as something that is characterized by undivided or unbroken completeness and is joined into a single entity. Being united means that

Why do we need to be UNITED for sustaining a happy marriage?

When we enter in a marriage we are not only united by faiths and bodies but we are also united by souls and thoughts. In a marriage, one plus one always equals one. Mr. Husband and I got into the holy matrimony knowing this very well. And long before we knew it the “me” in our relationship had transcended into “us” and “we”.  And over the years we have not just been united in the flesh but we have also experienced oneness in feelings, emotions, thoughts, and purpose.

Unity has manifested itself in multiple instances throughout our marriage and has brought us even closer to each other through times where the return seemed impossible. When my mother passed away I was extremely shattered and though Mr. Husband had known her just for a few years, he shared the same grief and pain. Unity has made us grow.

So, when I say “I promise to be united” I mean we are willing to add that anchor and fuel in our relationship which steadies it and helps in its sustenance for a long haul.

People often enter into wedlock with a distorted view of being united. Being united doesn’t ask us to lose our uniqueness and identities or change our opinions about anything and everything. Being united means we must be on the same page about what really matters and have a united front on bigger things.

So, when I say “I promise to be united” also means that we are willing to be united for a shared purpose simultaneously maintaining our separate purposes and individual uniqueness and still experience maximum freedom within the boundaries of marriage.

Marriage is about sharing and utilizing each other’s gifts, minds, talents, and spirits for achieving the greatness which couldn’t be achieved alone along with maintaining our personal space. With this belief, we are getting stronger in our marital life each passing day.

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