A Happy Father’s Day Mr. Husband!

Mr. Husband is definitely the best hands-on that I know of!So, with this post, we come to an end to a four-week-long Father’s day celebration saga. And here’s a small poem for wishing a Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Husband appreciating him for the amazing father that he is.

I love you as a man and as a husband, I do too.

But what I love about you the most is the thing in the father’s role you do.

I’ve watched you change and change for good.

I appreciate the man you’ve turned into embracing fatherhood.

Since the moment I’ve had Shaarav in my tummy you’ve had him in your heart.

With the habits, you two share it’s difficult to tell you both apart.

I remember when you held Shaarav the first time, you gazed at him with brightly-lit eyes.

I’ve watched you in pain each time our little munchkin cries.

You changed his diapers and you’ve even stayed up at nights.

I giggle when he runs up to you to tell how he and I got into a fight.

I’m still jealous because ‘Papa’ was the first words he ever said.

But it makes us even when Shaarav needs me to put him to bed.

He jumps and leaps to match your footsteps and your stride.

And each time he does that, this mummy’s heart swells with pride.

You are his hero and you always will be.

He sees in you the invisible superhero cape that the world can’t see.

Shaarav is totally your replica in more ways that I can tell.

I thank my stars each day for having made him with you since the moment from heaven he fell!

Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day Mr. Husband!

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