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“I promise to be GRATEFUL for you for your love to me and count my blessings every single day.”

With this vow, we promise to always remember to be thankful and show gratitude to each other for the gifting our marriage has bestowed us with.

What does the vow mean?

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful, showing appreciation and willingness to return the kindness. Gratitude is a skill that you cultivate to show how thankful you are for the things you have and radiate an optimistic and positive feeling.

Why do we need to be GRATEFUL to for loving marriage?

Gratitude is not only an essential component in a marriage that keeps couples bonded but it is also a positive indicator indicating how much a couple finds their marriage satisfying and fulfilling. When we truly feel the gratefulness for our spouse we get to experience appreciation and heartfelt awe for them. And feeling grateful towards your spouse showing that you respect and value them, and treasure them for their uniqueness is definitely beautiful.

So, when I say “I promise to be grateful” it means I am willing to express earnest thanks, show humility and let go of my ego to be able to cultivate more joy and bliss in our lives.

Feeling grateful towards each other for everything we do for us is without a doubt the key to our sparkling and healthy relationship. It is the most significant habit that we follow in our marriage as it enhances and illuminates the positive qualities in us strengthening and protecting our marriage. Feeling grateful is about choosing to see the abundance than the scarcity and bringing back those cherished memories of precious time spent together. In our marriage, we make it a practice to go down the memory lane every now and then experience again those positive emotions and satisfying interactions. And when we are committed to seeing and appreciating life’s gifts together it helps us broaden our perspectives and be able to better achieve our personal goals.

Mr. Husband is the best hands-on dad that I know of. He helps me with my household chores even after he has had a hectic day at work. I’m definitely grateful to him for it and couldn’t say him enough ‘thank yous’. So when I show gratitude towards him he becomes more confident making me feel more gracious which makes me more appreciative towards him. It’s like a loop. And what we have come to realize is that when we practice showing gratefulness towards each other during good times we tend to get buffered from the withering effects of bad times. Expressing gratefulness to each other is probably the best thing we can cultivate to foster happiness in our marriage because it makes us feel valued and respected helping us maintain an intimate bond.

So, when I say “I promise to be grateful” I mean that we are willing to further deepen our beautiful closeness by cultivating the feeling of gratitude in our marriage by the mutuality of giving and receiving.

Over the years, I have understood the essence of counting blessings and I mentally count my blessings each day to feel more positive, be connected to each other and achieve maximum satisfaction from our marriage.

Keep watching the space for the next vow with alphabet H. You can find the opening post to the vows “What marriage means to me?” here and the previous vow with alphabet F here.


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How I’m a “HAPPY” stay-at-home mom?

Happiness is choice I make everyday!

In my earlier posts, I have talked about how being a stay-at-home mom has been a conscious choice for me and pointers on how you can be a happier mom. But being a “happy” stay-at-home mom is a different ballgame altogether. This International Women’s Day let’s talk about how I have managed to be a “happy” stay-at-home mom.

A “happy” stay-at-home mom might come as a myth to many. Why you ask? Because statistically speaking, the stay-at-home moms are the ones prone to boredom, anxiety, depression, and aggression owing to their demanding, exhausting and isolating nature of work that can be too taxing on their mental wellbeing.

I’m a doctoral degree holder and I have been a meritorious student all my student life. But presently I’m “just” a stay-at-home mom. Did you get offended when I said “just” a stay-at-home mom? Yeah! Even I was among those who didn’t feel proud of my “not-so-job-like job” as a stay-at-home mom. And trust me; the pride that I am taking today in being one didn’t come overnight. It has gradually grown with time simultaneously with my son. And today, after more than two years into it, I cannot emphasize enough how proud and thankful I feel for the opportunity.

So, does it even cross my mind even for a second that I’m wasting my hard earned education?

Never! Never ever!

My education is being put to good use. It’s just that having a career is not one of them at the moment. So what if I don’t get accolades and recognition for what I do. So what if I don’t draw a handsome paycheque for the time and energy I invest in my little man. Instead of leaves I get unannounced wet kisses, smothered all over my face. No employer can be so generous I’m sure. Instead of appraisals, I get plenty of “I love you, mommy” in a single day. How about that? Instead of health coverage I am asked, “What’s wrong or All OK?” several times during the day. Can any job in the whole wide world be so satisfying? It’s surreal!

True happiness comes from satisfaction, right? And being happy is what I choose every day. So how exactly I’m a “happy” stay-at-home mom?

1) I’m happy by making sense out of nonsense

It was sleep time for my son. My toddler doesn’t go to sleep without his favourite blanket. And I have to wash it and get it dried in a single day for it to be available for him. So on one such day when he asked me about it, I said, “It’s right there. Let me bring it.” And I went and brought it to him. But he started to cry saying he wants to bring it. So I went and kept it back for him to bring. But again, he started to cry, saying, “Mummy will bring.” I brought it again, but he again wanted to bring it by himself. This continued for a good 15 minutes in a loop when I finally gave up and yelled at him for being so unreasonable. The poor soul started to cry again, yet, he came up to me, climbed on my lap and snuggled into my arms only to fall asleep within minutes even when I was the one at fault to hurt his feelings. And it was then that it perfectly made sense. Sometimes you derive happiness from the most nonsensical and illogical things. I will always be his happy place and that makes me so happy. No matter what, he will come to me for both comfort when he’s in distress and for rejoicing when he’s happy. So does it matter if just a second before I was scratching my head in complete confusion, unable to comprehend his behaviour? My toddler is unpredictable and his actions unexplainable but with him, I’m learning to make sense out of the nonsense.

2) I am happy by finding music in noise

Even if you have read several books on parenting I’m sure you would have been confronted with occasions when none of the parenting mantras work. At some point or the other, you must have felt clueless without a sense of direction. Are you nodding in approval? Because children come with all sorts of hues and shades of moods and which shade becomes their current favourite is very difficult to guess. And, there’s no such thing as universal parenting, which can suit every child. So even when Shaarav’s terrible twos have barely begun I still get meltdowns every now and then. There are screaming and howling directed towards me for literally no reason. But when I pick him up and hold him close he hugs me tightly. And in the moments for which the hug lasts, I feel his heart-beat in sync with mine that beat together in unison. When I am about to lose it all I rather choose to stay calm. I am learning to find music in noise because if I cannot tame my own temper how am I going to help him in expressing his feelings and emotions? This way I’m better in rhythm with his moods and feelings.

3) I’m happy by hearing what’s not spoken

My child is my best critic. I mean he’s the only one who gives me feedbacks that are unbiased and far from being formal. I ask him, “Did you eat your tiffin?” and he’d say, “Finished” and I check his lunch box only to find it untouched. And I take a mental note for not sending sautéed French beans for his tiffin again. I ask him, “I’m preparing oats for dinner. Is it OK?” and he’d say, “No” only to find him finishing off his plate within minutes. And I again take a mental note that he likes oats. Some days he says stuff he means it, while on other days he says one thing but means entirely the other thing. But the mommy in me is learning to hear what’s not spoken and I feel happy when I ace it.

4) I’m happy by taking what’s not given

My toddler finds immense happiness in dancing in my arms, jumping on my back, pulling my hair and tickling me, which I find extremely annoying. But I understand that this is his way of reminding me that all he wants is me – to be beside me and explore the world with me. I understand that even if I have no chance at winning myself “the best employee of the year award” I’ll still have my son as my biggest true fan. And while I don’t get to throw parties for big success at work I’m happy to celebrate my little accomplishments with Pizza party. I’m still learning to take what’s not given.

5) I’m happy by staying fixed even when I’m broken

And for all the above-mentioned reasons, even when I struggle through the day to not get upset and unleash my temper on my toddler because he unfolded the laundry the eighth time I folded it back, I still prepare his favourite Soyabean chilly for lunch. Because I’m happy to watch that spark in his eyes and that big grin on his face when he sees his favourite food on the plate. I’m learning to keep it together even when I’m on the verge of breaking loose.

True womanhood is about identifying the real you. It is about chasing your dreams and making them come true. It is about empowerment and what makes you happy. Motherhood is a truly empowering spirit and I have realized that if you’re unhappy with the choices you’ve made you can never really enjoy the exceptionally rewarding experience and joy that motherhood has to offer. And happiness comes from the satisfaction.

A “happy” stay-at-home mom is not a myth. Actually, the reality is far from it and I’m a living example. Because when being a mom itself is hard, being a working mom or a stay-at-home mom is definitely harder. But happiness is a choice that I choose every day despite all sorts of challenges and setbacks that I face time and again. Because it is not happy people who are thankful but it is thankful people who are happy. And I’m thankfully happy to be blessed with the opportunity and privilege to pour and invest myself and my time in raising my son. Even though it is exhausting and I’m left feeling burned out I am happy watching my son grow into an intelligent, kind and compassionate little man. And I have immense satisfaction in knowing that being a “happy” stay-at-home mom, I have the privilege to be a part of my child’s life and to be happily present for him physically and emotionally, be it tending or toiling.

This post is a part of the #MomsSpeakUp Blog Train hosted by Prisha and Nayantara. I would like to thank Ravijot Kaur for introducing me. Read their take on the prompt here. I would like to introduce Anoushka Singhal. I’m sure you will enjoy reading her take on the prompt here. Please check out other wonderful posts on the theme by other boarders as well. Here comes the train! Choo Choo!


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The From the Heart Award – and a Thankful Heart

Straight from the heart !!

I was away for some time taking a break from blogging to sort my headspace. But now that it’s sorted I am ready and all set to pop back. So starting right from where I had left, the very talented and sweet Mel Finch from Crushed Caramel had nominated me for the “From the Heart Award”. Isn’t that amazing when such a wonderful blogger as she notices and appreciates your work? I am super elated. I wholeheartedly thank Mel for giving me recognition and finding my blog worthy of the nomination. Do give her a visit for some light-hearted humour hand in hand with some thought-provoking words of wisdom.

“No matter how big or small it is I like to see myself accomplishing things.”

To me, every little accomplishment is a reason to celebrate and rejoice. And this nomination is just as great as any other. The “From the Heart Award” goes to bloggers who primarily focus on personal writing. Their posts are often from the writer to the world at large or from the writer to the writer themselves and they just allow us access to their mind. Their posts are so personal as they have put out a piece of their heart in front of the readers, and thus the name of the award.

The From the Heart Award Logo

I am thankful to Mel for considering my blog for the award. I find it extremely difficult to cook up imaginary stories which are not even remotely related to a true incident or a real person. My posts are mostly inspired by my life – both people and experiences form the basis of my posts. And I believe, that is the reason why I am able to pour my heart into them, strike a chord and connect with my readers. As Mel very correctly stated that creating posts that can touch people’s heart doesn’t need to be very emotional all the time; but to be able to write in a manner that people can relate to and be inspired, and that which can make a difference in their lives is what I feel makes my writing straight from the heart. And as asked this post titled “Motherhood might be my religion, but I am more than just a mother” is one of my very favourite posts. Do pay it a visit. (If you want to know more about me visit my “About page.)

Just so as we are speaking from the heart, before I proceed with my nominations, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers who have been so kind to keep me motivated by loving and appreciating my work. My sincere gratitude to all my followers who have helped my blog grow and flourish, giving me abundant confidence and reason to keep me going. Each like and comment that I get on my posts, feel so rewarding and go a long, long way.

Heartfelt Thanks for all the encouragement!

Ever since I started it, this blog has been like a second home to me because the kind of love and support that I get from you all makes me feel so at home. I am incredibly humbled to all my loyal readers who have been making my journey worthwhile. Keep showering me with your love so that I remember to be thankful and in gratitude every single day.

Proceeding to my nominations for the “From the Heart Award”, though I didn’t get any questions attached to it, I would like to add some of my own to spice it up a little.

5 questions I would like you to answer

1) What makes you passionate about blog posting?

2) What is the story behind your blog?

3) What is the one learning or experience from your blogging journey which has helped you the most?

4) What is your vision about your blog in about 10 years from now?

5) If you were asked to provide one constructive feedback to me, what would it be?

Remember guys it should be straight from the heart.

My nominations for the “From the Heart Award”

1. J Blaide from Wit and Whimsy

2. Missterioso Das from Head Full of Dreams

3. Millennial Hygge Wife from Millennial Hygge

4. Natalie Williams from Searching For My Inner Zen

5. Jena Pendarvis

If you choose to accept the nomination create a post telling us more about you, answer my questions, remember to tag me and inform me about your post by leaving a comment here or creating a pingback for me to have a look at your answers. Hope you enjoy answering my questions. And don’t forget to nominate other bloggers who you think blog about their personal accounts to discover, connect and support the blogging community.

Let’s spread the love and joy of blogging!


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The Liebster Award 2018 – Discovering New Blogs

Let’s Discover New Blogs!

It’s not even been a month since I joined this amazing community of bloggers and I have been nominated for the much coveted Liebster Award 2018. I feel so privileged and honoured for the love and appreciation that I am receiving and owe it to the readers for accepting me as a part the blogosphere. I am really happy with the way my blog is blossoming, slowly but steadily. My heart fills with pride and happiness to see my “baby getting appreciation and accolades. I thank all my readers for all the support and motivation and hope that my posts continue to mesmerize you and keep you coming back.

Cloud and Sunshine is the abode where my heart dwells and where my emotions form words, taking shape of stories and tales and even advice and suggestions. It’s the place where I pour my heart to paint vivid pictures with my words and spark imagination. Cloud and Sunshine is where I relish being when I am not busy mothering my 15-month-old. I started Cloud and Sunshine as a canvas where I could paint pictures and embroider stories from my rendezvous with life and parenthood. (If you want to know more about me visit my “About page.)

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Jena Pendarvis for finding my blog worthy enough for the nomination. Thank you very much, Jena! Jena is a lovely soul, a new mom and a wonderful writer who untangles the knots of her artistic thoughts through her blog posts. Her blog is the reflection of her artistic talent which she uses to showcase, beautifully, through her writings and expressions. From whatever little I have come to know about her through her posts, it has left me awed and wanting for more. The challenges she has faced and the battles she has won make her the strong woman she is today. I would request you to take a peek into her life and amazing content by visiting her blog and be truly inspired.

What makes me passionate about blog posting?

Upsurges of uncharted emotions that I feel as my newfound motherhood, inspires me to document it for my son to know and learn from it. I feel it’s not the destination, but the journey that makes it more interesting and worthwhile. As I sail through my journey of parenthood, the challenges I face and the (mis)adventures I stumble across enriches my life. And, it is the urge to share my experiences and learning that I gather as I go, with the world by way of my life stories and tales is what makes me passionate about blog posting.

Let’s connect with the bloggers!

10 Random Facts About Me

1) I hate pets but would like a cute dog as a pet for my son.

2) I am a Virgo and strongly believe in sun signs.

3) I had an arranged marriage, but because of our chemistry people often confuse it to be a love marriage.

4) I take out time to write for my blog either when my kid sleeps or by staying awake every alternate night.

5) I do the major part of my shopping online from the comfort of my home.

6) I am a neat freak and go crazy when I find my things out of place.

7) I am an emotionally challenged person who usually doesn’t know how to react to a particular situation, where I might show a different reaction while I am feeling an altogether different one.

8) I am not fond of jewellery as much as I am fond of gadgets and technology.

9) I strongly dislike people who don’t value time and money.

10) I was so huge when pregnant that people often asked me if I were carrying twins.

Let’s support the blogging community!

Answering the questions I have been asked:

1) Would you rather be someone’s sun or moon and why?

The Sun is unquestionably the brightest star of our galaxy and the ultimate source of our energy. It illuminates our lives with its sunshine and provides heat and warmth. But as much as I might be inclined to be someone’s sun and spread sunshine in their lives, yet I choose to be their moon so that I can brighten their world during their darkest hour when their sun isn’t hanging around to provide the light.

2) Which would you rather watch, the sunrise or sunset?

Both sunrise and sunset are beautiful, exotic and magical in their own aspect. While both of them are breathtaking still the sunset hues with its vibrancy of colours and embedded romantic notes is far more captivating and stunning. But I’d rather choose to watch the sunrise, as it comes to me with a ray of hope – a hope of a fresh new day, a hope of new beginnings and a thankful heart for being alive to live another beautiful day. The serenity of the sunrise for me marks the dawn of exciting possibilities for a brand new day and opens a plethora of prospects for spending the day and being grateful for having been granted it.

3) What is your ritual to begin creating/writing?

Being an overtime mom to an all-time-charged-up toddler, it really makes it impossible for me to stick to any particular ritual and religiously follow it. I don’t have any particular routine to begin my writing, yet I am open to fresh perspective all the time. I always keep my desk ready for productivity so that I do not have to spend the little time I get in prepping my desk. Whenever I come to my desk, I mean business and pour my thoughts incessantly. And while I’m away from my desk and some inspiration, ideas or thoughts do happen to pop up, I just type them out on my phone and store them for later use and build around them once I get time.

4) What/who inspires you in life the most?

I find my inspiration for writing in the day-to-day things which strike a chord in my heart and ignite a response – be it happiness, sadness, anger or excitement.

5) What movie genre would you consider to be your personality?

Though I like romantic and action movies as well, I am a diehard fan of good horror movies, those with the likes of The Conjuring and Insidious.

6) If you could grow a garden, would it have flowers or fruit/veggies?

I believe growing a fruit/veggies garden is what I want for myself since, even though flowers carry with them their beauty and fragrance it is the food that I want more. What could be better than a home produce of fresh fruits and vegetables right from your home kitchen garden, free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers!

7) Would you rather cook or bake?

I, honestly, am clueless about baking so it is cooking for me.

8) If you could have one wish what would it be?

If I were granted one wish it would be to have a second child. Only this time around I wish it were my husband who conceived, carried and gave birth. (Sometimes, I truly feel that way. No offence!)

9) What artist would you want to see in a live concert?

So I am a big fan of music and I myself can sing fairly well. I love listening to the old classics of Kishore Kumar but he has been long dead. I would definitely want to hear him perform live.

10) What’s the youngest memory you have of your past?

Brace yourself, this one’s going to be interesting. So my sister is two years younger to me. When I was five I was allowed to go out of the house alone, but my sister being younger had never stepped foot outside the house alone.

One day being a good elder sister and feeling responsible for her I decided to take her out to play. While I was busy playing I completely forgot about her. When I finished playing and it was time to return home, I turned to take her, but she was not there where I had left her. I searched everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found. Then crying and sobbing inconsolably, I returned home to inform about it to my mom feeling dreadful of the repercussion.

To my utter shock what I see is that she is busy enjoying her evening snack merrily sitting on my mother’s lap. And then I heaved a sigh of relief. So it had so happened that while I was busy playing she had found her way back to home all by herself. And I am still clueless when she learned to do that. In a nutshell, I had a fortunate escape from what could have turned into a good thrashing session for me. Thank God she returned home safe. That was the most dreaded I have ever felt in my entire life as long and as far as I can remember.

Let’s promote other blogs besides our own!

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Let’s support each other!

11 questions I would like you to answer

1) If given the power to time-travel would you rather go into the past or the future? Give your reasons.

2) If you were to choose to be born with one disability (choose from blind, deaf and dumb) what would it be and why?

3) Have you ever watched the cloud and imagined it to form some shape?

4) Which Disney character do you relate to and why?

5) If given a second chance what would you do differently?

6) What is your idea of God and spirituality?

7) Which comics fan are you Marvel’s or DC’s and why?

8) What is the story behind your blog and how did it get its name?

9) Do you need to have a baby to feel complete and if you were unable to give birth yourself, would you rather have a baby by surrogacy or adoption? Give reasons.

10) Among the 7 wonders of the world which one do you find the most deserving and why? (Additionally, you could also rank them according to your choice.)

11) What does true love mean to you?

Check out the official rules for the award!

Rules of the Liebster Award 2018

1) Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

2) Display the award on your blog.

3) Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting.

4) Provide 10 random facts about yourself.

5) Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel would enjoy blogging about this award.

6) List these rules in your post.

7) Inform the people/blogs that you nominated.

For more detailed information on the Liebster Award 2018 visit here.

If you choose to accept the nomination answer my questions, remember to tag me and inform me about your post by leaving a comment here for me to have a look at your answers. Hope you enjoy answering my questions. And don’t forget to nominate other bloggers to discover, connect and support the blogging community.

Let’s spread the love and joy of blogging!


Mrs. Sunshine

The Liebster Award 2018!

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Love Letter from a Grateful, but Exhausted Wife

I shall forever remain grateful to you!

It was Valentine’s Day a few days ago and I so wanted to write this for Valentine’s Day. But then I decided against it and saved it for a later date. And more than anything, it was long overdue and I needed to pen it down.


Because, as an exhausted stay-at-home mom all my days are full of the daily mundane activities from which I consciously try to steal those little moments of romantic love. So in a way, all my days are special and every day is a Valentine’s Day. And it couldn’t come at an opportune time to pay tribute to the man of my life for all his earnest efforts, firm support and understanding throughout the time we have known each other.

My life, today, is all about my 15-month-old and most of the time my role as a mom gets in the way of my role as a wife. Yes, I am guilty of neglecting your needs, because often I need to choose our kid before you. Because sometimes, caring for our kid’s needs means putting his needs before yours. As a mom, this is the most difficult place to be in and as much as I hate this I find myself in the same spot again and again. And it is easier to be a mom than be a wife.

It is like snuggling into you cosily under a blanket and wanting to completely be in the moment with you enjoying it, but yet finding myself peeping over your shoulder from time to time to see if the baby is sleeping peacefully. No matter what, our baby will always be my first priority.

But it doesn’t imply that I don’t hold you up in my heart the way I once did. Oh, absolutely not. But yes, it does mean that the moment we decided to bring this innocent life on earth, it got decided by default that I am always going to choose him before you. It means putting our needs as a couple and as individuals temporarily on hold.

Bringing a baby into the world is unquestionably a life-altering decision, and no matter how much you think you are prepared you are never really prepared for it. “Because the twists and turns your life are going to get is never really mapped until you embark on the journey.” But having a companion to share the challenges and the adventure along the way truly makes it worthwhile. And my heart is forever going to remain grateful and indebted to my companion for life – to you Mr. Husband.

Being grateful

I thank you deeply for the epitome of patience you have been, since the moment we became pregnant till this day when we are raising together this super energetic, never-staying-still toddler. I thank you for holding patience all along our pregnancy and bearing my sporadic mood swings. So yes, life is pretty different from when we first started – from a carefree life as the newlyweds to the overcautious life as the new parents. And amidst all the melodrama that my life has turned into, the wife in me takes a backseat as the mom in me takes charge.

I admit it is exciting, but it is difficult too.

I agree it is fulfilling, but it is exhausting as well.

Missing “us”

This journey, so far, has been one hell of a ride, but I honestly miss those carefree days when we could do just what we wanted without having to bother about this tiny soul whose life now depends on us. I miss being able to express and reciprocate to you as much as I want to and as profoundly I feel about it. Sometimes I just want to rewind my life once again and be that slaphappy 25-year old that could live life as a freewheeler. I sincerely miss those times when we could go anywhere, just on a random whim and return home whenever we felt like, and when eating out meant enjoying a romantic elaborate dinner leisurely. I miss those long drives listening from our “curated playlist” and those “insightful conversations” over coffee. I miss indulging in those long, freewheeling shopping sprees without having to bother about the finances.

I miss “us” and our happy “us-time” together.

I try to be happy in my own skin, and yet desperately trying to fit back into my old clothes. I want my energy levels back and also my flawless skin. I know you say I still look beautiful to you, but sometimes with dishevelled milk stained, food smeared and poop sullied clothes and wild unkempt hair it is hard to be convinced. I know you say you still love me, but I find it hard to believe when most of our conversations are about our precious son which start and end with him. I am honestly grateful that you still find me attractive, yet, the c-section scar, the bulging belly, and the diminished energy levels still bother me. I miss being the athlete I once was who was able to play all types of outdoor sports.

I miss the old “me”.

Life is different. Life is good. I am happy.

But life with the baby is so different. We are busier than ever and we never seem to find time to do things that we enjoy doing. There’s always a lack of time and shortage of money. With only one earning member and three mouths to feed the budget seems only tighter. All our money is spent keeping our baby well fed and comfortably clothed. Today eating out is more trouble than it is deserved and the so-called date nights frequently involves a cranky baby and food splatters and smears on our clothes.

Life is a lot more different than what we expected it to be. I do not mean to imply I’m unhappy with my life. Oh sure, we are the happiest we have ever been. But looking back at those countless exhausted and sleep-deprived nights it reminds me how difficult it has been and still, we have managed to do it all. And I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

“Of course, nobody comes out of parenthood unscathed and I am not sure if every parent is candid about it. But I am pretty sure that these are the scars I want to don. And not just don but to also flaunt it proudly.”

Because it has been a privilege to bring this tiny human into the world and I am having the best time of my life. I am the happiest I have ever been and I would not change a thing about it. Neither would I want to do it any differently. And all thanks to you for standing by my side always being this unwavering and unfaltering source of support and motivation.

Life is so good, but at the same time so consuming. But I am hopeful. I am hopeful that life won’t be like this always and one day this will all be over. One day. One fine day there will only be us, again. Yet, it won’t be the same us, as parenthood has changed us inside out. The change is undeniable. And undeniable is the love that we feel for each other which has only grown deeper as we get stronger through these challenges. Though we can’t be those naively free-spirited wanderers anymore my love for you has grown only deeper watching you in your “Dad-shoes”. It’s a treat to watch you with the baby, being so gentle and handling the baby with tenderness despite your macho persona.

Someday it will be over

Life is emphatically better with our tiny human with us. But one day it won’t remain difficult to be a wife than being a mom. One day when our little man is all grown up and busy with his life we will again find us, still standing beside each other that we once chose to overlook feeling burdened with our parenting responsibilities. One day when cleaning up the spilled milk, changing the soiled diapers and doing the laundry will be a distant past. One day there won’t be a runny nose to wipe, pounding headaches from sleepless nights and tiny hands to scatter things around. One day we will rediscover each other holding hands and be patting our backs on how well we did in raising our baby to become a kind human being.

You will always be the person I’ll keep on taking for granted. You will always be the person I will lean on when I need a shoulder to cry. You will always be the person I need to guide me through when I can’t find the light. You will always be the person who brings a smile to my face and brightens my day.

I feel lucky to be sharing my life with you. The way you have maintained your patience and calm speaks volumes about your inner strength and shows how much you love me. I feel obligated towards you for being so understanding and loving me looking past my flaws. I am horrible at expressing myself when it comes to showing my feelings for you. I’ll just say that I love you dearly and I’m glad for having you by my side. Life is uncertain and unpredictable, but with you standing by me, I am ready to take on life as it comes.

“For me, love and happiness prevail where you are.”


Mrs. Sunshine

One day, there will be just us!

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