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“I promise to be GRATEFUL for you for your love to me and count my blessings every single day.”

With this vow, we promise to always remember to be thankful and show gratitude to each other for the gifting our marriage has bestowed us with.

What does the vow mean?

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful, showing appreciation and willingness to return the kindness. Gratitude is a skill that you cultivate to show how thankful you are for the things you have and radiate an optimistic and positive feeling.

Why do we need to be GRATEFUL to for loving marriage?

Gratitude is not only an essential component in a marriage that keeps couples bonded but it is also a positive indicator indicating how much a couple finds their marriage satisfying and fulfilling. When we truly feel the gratefulness for our spouse we get to experience appreciation and heartfelt awe for them. And feeling grateful towards your spouse showing that you respect and value them, and treasure them for their uniqueness is definitely beautiful.

So, when I say “I promise to be grateful” it means I am willing to express earnest thanks, show humility and let go of my ego to be able to cultivate more joy and bliss in our lives.

Feeling grateful towards each other for everything we do for us is without a doubt the key to our sparkling and healthy relationship. It is the most significant habit that we follow in our marriage as it enhances and illuminates the positive qualities in us strengthening and protecting our marriage. Feeling grateful is about choosing to see the abundance than the scarcity and bringing back those cherished memories of precious time spent together. In our marriage, we make it a practice to go down the memory lane every now and then experience again those positive emotions and satisfying interactions. And when we are committed to seeing and appreciating life’s gifts together it helps us broaden our perspectives and be able to better achieve our personal goals.

Mr. Husband is the best hands-on dad that I know of. He helps me with my household chores even after he has had a hectic day at work. I’m definitely grateful to him for it and couldn’t say him enough ‘thank yous’. So when I show gratitude towards him he becomes more confident making me feel more gracious which makes me more appreciative towards him. It’s like a loop. And what we have come to realize is that when we practice showing gratefulness towards each other during good times we tend to get buffered from the withering effects of bad times. Expressing gratefulness to each other is probably the best thing we can cultivate to foster happiness in our marriage because it makes us feel valued and respected helping us maintain an intimate bond.

So, when I say “I promise to be grateful” I mean that we are willing to further deepen our beautiful closeness by cultivating the feeling of gratitude in our marriage by the mutuality of giving and receiving.

Over the years, I have understood the essence of counting blessings and I mentally count my blessings each day to feel more positive, be connected to each other and achieve maximum satisfaction from our marriage.

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