I Love You, Papa!

Our “Love You” Card for Daddy Dearest on Father’s Day

Even after belonging to millennial generation the concept of “Equal Parenting” comes as a myth. More than half of the parenting role in some families even now has to be taken care of by the mother. And the gender divide begins right from the second the child is born.

Some days I am totally convinced Mr. Husband isn’t even the right man for having been married to. But most days I am so grateful thinking about how lucky I am to be raising my son with a guy like him, someone who puts family before everything else. It’s really beautiful to have another person to share the ups and downs of parenting with every single day who is equally involved and equally shares the responsibilities.

One can choose her husband but only a few get to choose their fathers. We thank our stars every day for having Mr. Husband as Shaarav’s father who has been an equal parent right from the time we conceived. He has played an equal parenting role in each and every area of Shaarav’s upbringing be it feeding him, changing him, bathing and massaging him, tending him when he’s sick. He has even spent sleepless nights by my side and has woken up at the oddest possible hour when the need be. He has been an avid reader of parenting articles because he wants to understand whatever minuscule thing happening to Shaarav and wants to make sure nothing goes wrong with Shaarav.

And though I’m jealous that Shaarav is his Daddy’s replica in almost all aspects it didn’t come as a surprise when the first words he spoke was “Papa” instead of “Maa

So for the “equal parent” that Daddy Dearest is we prepared an “I Love You, Papa” card for him on Father’s Day to appreciate all his efforts to keep us well fed, happy and healthy and to celebrate his existence in our small world.

Father’s Day went by a couple of days ago. But we are celebrating Father’s Day the whole month. Celebrating the fathers in our lives and appreciating them for the efforts they make I feel just one day is never enough. So while I have shared the poem I wrote to my father and the poem about what Mr. Husband would have written. Shaarav thanks his Papa not just for sharing his DNA but also for raising him the best way possible to become just like him. So, here’s presenting to you another short poem about what Shaarav would have written for his Daddy. Let’s celebrate the fathers in our lives, people!

I’m just a baby, but still, I know.

I love you so much, I might not always be able to show.

When I was in mummy’s tummy and you talked to me.

I have known you since the time, you see.

You waited for me just as much as mummy.

Mummy tells me I used to kick to voice when I was in her tummy.

You were the first to hold me in your arm.

Holding me tenderly, keeping me safe from harm.

You looked at me in amazement and wonder, I looked just like you.

My tiny hands wrapped around your finger, I opened my eyes to look at you.

You smiled watching me, I felt cozy into you as I snuggled.

You showered me with kisses as you hugged me tight and cuddled.

When the doctor pricked me for vaccine and mummy cried.

I held onto you while you stayed strong, you tried.

There’s definitely something special about your love.

I thank my stars for having chosen you as my papa from above.

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Wishing You a Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

Papa and me as a child!

In raising a child, usually, the mothers get the limelight and are the centre of attention most of the time while fathers are the unsung heroes though they share an equally important role in parenting and in a child’s upbringing. Read 5 Essential Newborn Tips from a Bewildered New Dad here.

So, it’s that time of the year where we bring these unsung heroes to the focus and show them our love and deeply felt gratitude for being that rock in our lives. Father’s Day is just around the corner and I want to dedicate the whole month for the fathers in my life.

Papa and me on my wedding day!

I have grown watching my father as a man of few words. But whatever he said was meant to be etched in stone. Bot, he was strict and I even remember being hesitant talking to him and spoke to him only when need be. But flipping through the family pictures like these tell a different story of him altogether. Though he doesn’t say much yet loves us as much as those dads who keep telling how much they love their children. of late, as he’s growing old, he has become more of a friend than a parent. and now I can talk to him about anything that I want to without any hesitation. and the stricter he used to be with us, the stricter he’s spoiling his grandchild filthy.

Papa with Shaarav on one of Shaarav’s monthly birthdays!

Here’s a small poem dedicated to him on the event of Father’s Day celebrating his being not just as a father and a grandfather but also as a kind and generous human!

If my life were a story ever needed to be told,

So should you know you’d be the writer, lo and behold!

I feel lucky you were the one to make me,

I know you take pride, you just don’t let us see.

You taught me to differentiate the right from the wrong.

You gave me values, you made me strong.

You’re a man of principles and a simple man with a good heart.

You work silently never looking for praises, I can tell apart.

You shaped me to be a good person going out of your way.

Whatever I am today I owe it to you, each and every day.

You have been the pillar and the anchor that I needed.

You have always been there for us whose advice I have always heeded.

You have always been proud of us you may not particularly show.

But we are even prouder of you so that you know.

The day you got me married I know you cried.

I watched you force that smile through the tears, oh, how hard you tried.

I remember the day mom died, you stayed strong though you were shattered inside.

I was expecting at the time and you never left my side.

It’s been hard for us but it has been the hardest for you.

And here you are delivering your responsibilities and doing what you need to do.

You are not just a great father but an amazing grandfather too.

We thank the stars to have you raise us, it’s so true.

You are a man of character and a will so strong.

I hope and wish Shaarav takes some from you, I so long.

As we get busy with our lives while you get old.

There’s still your heart that will forever remain gold.

You gave me strength and life lessons to learn.

I wish and pray to be born as your daughter again, yes that’s what I yearn.

 Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day, Papa!
Papa with Shaarav on his own birthday!

This post is a part of a blog train hosted by Prisha Lalwani of Mummasaurus.com. In the same context, I take this opportunity to thank Cindy Ann Dsilva for introducing me whose wonderful post you can read here. I’d also like to introduce Noor Anand Chawla whose lovely post you can read here.

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