The From the Heart Award – and a Thankful Heart

Straight from the heart !!

I was away for some time taking a break from blogging to sort my headspace. But now that it’s sorted I am ready and all set to pop back. So starting right from where I had left, the very talented and sweet Mel Finch from Crushed Caramel had nominated me for the “From the Heart Award”. Isn’t that amazing when such a wonderful blogger as she notices and appreciates your work? I am super elated. I wholeheartedly thank Mel for giving me recognition and finding my blog worthy of the nomination. Do give her a visit for some light-hearted humour hand in hand with some thought-provoking words of wisdom.

“No matter how big or small it is I like to see myself accomplishing things.”

To me, every little accomplishment is a reason to celebrate and rejoice. And this nomination is just as great as any other. The “From the Heart Award” goes to bloggers who primarily focus on personal writing. Their posts are often from the writer to the world at large or from the writer to the writer themselves and they just allow us access to their mind. Their posts are so personal as they have put out a piece of their heart in front of the readers, and thus the name of the award.

The From the Heart Award Logo

I am thankful to Mel for considering my blog for the award. I find it extremely difficult to cook up imaginary stories which are not even remotely related to a true incident or a real person. My posts are mostly inspired by my life – both people and experiences form the basis of my posts. And I believe, that is the reason why I am able to pour my heart into them, strike a chord and connect with my readers. As Mel very correctly stated that creating posts that can touch people’s heart doesn’t need to be very emotional all the time; but to be able to write in a manner that people can relate to and be inspired, and that which can make a difference in their lives is what I feel makes my writing straight from the heart. And as asked this post titled “Motherhood might be my religion, but I am more than just a mother” is one of my very favourite posts. Do pay it a visit. (If you want to know more about me visit my “About page.)

Just so as we are speaking from the heart, before I proceed with my nominations, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers who have been so kind to keep me motivated by loving and appreciating my work. My sincere gratitude to all my followers who have helped my blog grow and flourish, giving me abundant confidence and reason to keep me going. Each like and comment that I get on my posts, feel so rewarding and go a long, long way.

Heartfelt Thanks for all the encouragement!

Ever since I started it, this blog has been like a second home to me because the kind of love and support that I get from you all makes me feel so at home. I am incredibly humbled to all my loyal readers who have been making my journey worthwhile. Keep showering me with your love so that I remember to be thankful and in gratitude every single day.

Proceeding to my nominations for the “From the Heart Award”, though I didn’t get any questions attached to it, I would like to add some of my own to spice it up a little.

5 questions I would like you to answer

1) What makes you passionate about blog posting?

2) What is the story behind your blog?

3) What is the one learning or experience from your blogging journey which has helped you the most?

4) What is your vision about your blog in about 10 years from now?

5) If you were asked to provide one constructive feedback to me, what would it be?

Remember guys it should be straight from the heart.

My nominations for the “From the Heart Award”

1. J Blaide from Wit and Whimsy

2. Missterioso Das from Head Full of Dreams

3. Millennial Hygge Wife from Millennial Hygge

4. Natalie Williams from Searching For My Inner Zen

5. Jena Pendarvis

If you choose to accept the nomination create a post telling us more about you, answer my questions, remember to tag me and inform me about your post by leaving a comment here or creating a pingback for me to have a look at your answers. Hope you enjoy answering my questions. And don’t forget to nominate other bloggers who you think blog about their personal accounts to discover, connect and support the blogging community.

Let’s spread the love and joy of blogging!


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