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My Name Quest

Our son’s name is “Shaarav” which is a Hindu boy’s name meaning pure and innocent”. His name was chosen for him with very conscious and careful deliberations way before he was even born. I’m sure all parents put in a lot of thought in choosing the perfect name for their kids and, of course, we were no different. But, there’s a very interesting story about choosing the perfect name for Shaarav.

Very early in our pregnancy I asked Mr. Husband to select 5 names of a girl child and 5 names of a boy child and I did the same. While I did an extensive search for the perfect name which not only had to be unique but should also sound good and have a beautiful meaning, Mr. Husband, as usual, wasn’t very diligent in this regard. However, he still came up with 5 names each for a boy and a girl in the nick of time. We were unanimous over the decision that the boy’s name would start with my name’s first letter, that’s S, and the girl’s name would begin with Mr. Husband’s names’s first letter, that’s K. The list of names were then exchanged and we had to strike off 3 names each from each other’s list leaving 2 names each of  a girl’s name and a boy’s name. Again, the final set of 4 names each were put to vote among our siblings and the name getting the maximum votes in each category was supposed to be “the chosen name” for our little one. It was interesting and fun, right, the way we involved the family members in choosing the name for our son?

So, just as we chose a special name for our precious child we wanted him too to see and know how special his name was. And so for this very reason, for his 3rd birthday we had ordered a unique personalized colouring storybook for him from “My Name Quest”. Everybody who knows me definitely knows my zeal to add that special personal touch to everything I do making it all the more special and getting this for Shaarav was the best birthday gift I could give to him.

My Name Quest

What’s the story?

“My Name Quest” is a personalized storybook about Shaarav’s exciting adventure trip of finding his name the alphabets of which go missing suddenly one morning.


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