BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2020 – Theme Reveal

“Bonding Over Books” is my theme for BlogchatterA2Z 2020

Hello Readers!

Do you remember the blogging madness in April last year? Yes, I’m talking about the month where I wrote 26 blog posts in 26 days. The same crazy BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge is here with yet another season of its blogging madness.

BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge

If you are still wondering what BlogchatterA2Z challenge is, let me tell you it is an exciting and thrilling, action-and-drama-packed, month-long blogging challenge where the participant needs to put up 26 posts with 26 alphabets in 26 days (Sundays being a holiday). The posts can be a part of a theme or individual posts depending on the participant’s choice.

So, with that being said I have chosen to stick to a theme for myself just like last year to give a feel, connect and solidarity to my posts, something that my readers can look forward to reading each day throughout the month. And now, it’s time for the Theme Reveal and I can already sense the adrenaline gushing in me, that’s the kind of excitement BlogchatterA2Z challenge entails and is raved about. Excited much?

Theme Reveal

As part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge last year I rededicated my marriage by renewing our marriage vows by taking not 7, but 26 vows through alphabets A to Z with #MarriageRededicated.

This year we all know how we all doing our part to be safe, healthy, busy and sane during this period of the countrywide lock-down due to the pandemic spread of COVID-19. The most difficult part of this whole situation for me is to keep my 3-year-old engaged, entertained and at the same time aid in learning.  I have been planning and designing activities for my son to keep his screen time to minimum as much as possible. So, I decided to take this to my advantage integrating the activities I do with my son with a story telling session along with its review. Exciting, right?

With this season of #BlogchatterA2Z, I shall be sharing 26 book reviews from 26 alphabets spread across 26 posts with the theme Bonding Over Books”.

Why this theme?

As you all know after joining work, I had been feeling really guilty for not being able to make sufficient time for Shaarav. I have always been keen on raising a reader and to foster in him the love for books. And I have watched how reading transports him to fantastic places and introduces him to new ideas simultaneously expanding his vocabulary. But, somehow, as I got more busy juggling family and work, the books that we used to read and the stuff that we used to do every day had started to dwindle and was restricted just to Sundays. Fortunately, this unfortunate COVID-19 situation and the current lockdown has bestowed me with the privilege to make up for the lost time and bonding with my son.

Last year I celebrated my bond with Mr. Husband, this year I wish to celebrate my bond with Mr. Baby. So, with these 26 posts you can expect 26 book reviews with each alphabet and book related activities. I hope to make the best of this lock-down period and also that some of you could also borrow our ideas to keep your children engaged and entertained. Keep watching this space starting 1st of April’ 2020 as Shaarav and I strengthen our relationship and forge an everlasting bond by #BondingOverBooks.


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