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“I Can Read With My EYES Shut” – #BlogchatterA2Z

I Can Read with My EYES Shut

‘I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!’ is a book about reading with your imagination and not shutting yourself out to new material or allowing for a further insight into the text. This book explores the wonder of reading and all the opportunities it can bring to an individual if they are open to them. Dr. Seuss continues on creating great children books and it shows with it in this book. The Cat in the Hat is present in this book which is another one of his beginner books. Dr. Seuss uses style is present in his use of rhymes and illustrations.

I Can Read with My EYES Shut
What’s the story?

The story follows the cat in the hat and a younger cat. The cat in hat shows the younger one what he will miss if he keeps his eyes shut. Throughout the whole story there is a lot of catchy language used which makes the book interesting to read especially out loud.

What did we like about it?

There is many characteristics that make this a good children book. The use of color and vivid imagery is obvious, but the use of a lesson and humor is what makes it also striking to a younger audience. Its use of diction is also great for a beginner book which isn’t too complicated and help a child get better and more confident at reading.

Book Details

Written by: Dr. Seuss

Published by: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Genre: Fiction Picture Book

Book Type: Paperback (Hardcover and Kindle edition also available)

Recommended Age: 2 to 7

Number of pages: 48

Ratings: 9/10

What’s there for the child to learn?

We love it especially because the book shows with the help of pictures the importance of reading. I think this is a valuable message which children and even grown-ups can’t hear enough. Further I’m glad that it is funny but not silly.

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