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Fox’s Socks

“Fox’s Socks” is a part of four-book-series by Julia Donaldson called Tales from Acorn Wood. The other three include Hide-and-Seek-Pig, Postman Bear and Rabbit’s Nap. These might not be one of the most famous of her creations but they are equally delightful among little leaders. These books make the perfect first introduction for early readers who are just introduced to reading.

Fox’s Socks

What’s the story?

“Fox’s Socks” is a delightful and interactive short story of a poor old fox who has lost his socks which he tries to find them in different places but finds all sorts of other things except for the socks. The mouse helps him find the socks in the most unusual places. The cute rhyming story that has been narrated with sturdy flaps on each spread featuring cute Axel Scheffler style illustrations is a treat to read aloud.

What did we like about it?

The animal story in “Fox’s Socks” is a joy to read aloud and with lift-the-flap surprises on every spread this engaging board book is sure to delight parents and toddlers alike. With rhyming text, a colourful cast of animal characters “Fox’s Socks” features flaps that the very youngest of readers can lift to participate in the story. It also means endless fun for your little reader keeping them engaged and interested. And with gorgeous illustrations by Axel Scheffler, these books are definitely going to prove a great addition to your collection.

The book is fantastic for capturing the attention of toddlers as early as one year of age. With the rhyming text which is the hallmark of Julia Donaldson style of writing these books provide utter joy to read aloud. And the minimal text for the young readers with just the right length of the story in rhyming text and fabulous illustrations with flaps make these books are super interactive and fun igniting the imagination in little minds.

We bought the board book version which really feels well built for little hands. And with sturdy flaps on each spread, they are made to last not just through the test of time but also through the rough usage of a toddler. And we mostly love the 2015 edition for their hardbound and beautifully foiled cover look which is not present in 2011 edition.

Book Details

Written by: Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by: Axel Scheffler

Published by: Macmillan Children’s Books

Genre: Fiction Picture Book

Book Type: Board Book

Recommended Age: 3 to 5

Number of pages: 12

Ratings: 10/10

What’s there for the child to learn?

The storybook doesn’t itself has a lesson to teach to the kids. It is to be read just for the joy of reading and the joy of discovering something with each flap. “Fox’s Socks”  is keepsake along with the other three books in series.

As part of the bookish play we decided to have a storytelling session (read aloud) and make a fox mask which was really fun, interactive and engaging.

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