“I promise to be ZEALOUS” – #BlogchatterA2Z 

Z is for ZEALOUS

“I promise to be ZEALOUS maintaining the same zest, enthusiasm and a sense of wonder, and never grow weary of each other.”

With this vow, we promise to always be willing to be investing the same amount of zeal, energy, and enthusiasm in our relationship with which we started out in the first place.

What does the vow mean?

Being zealous means showing active interest and enthusiasm in something. When you are being zealous it means you are ardently desirous of that thing to invest your time and wholeheartedly dive into it.

Why do we need to be ZEALOUS for a lasting and joyful marriage?

Being zealous is an attribute which though holds a very important place in a relationship it is the one that most relationship lacks. As we begin to get more comfortable in our relationship we tend to lose the fervour with which we once began the relationship. But it is up to us to maintain the same enthusiasm and ardour to keep the marriage thriving and happy.

So, when I say that “I promise to be zealous” it means that we are willing to go to any lengths keep the spark alive with the same passion, sense of wonder and eagerness with which we once started out.

Marriage requires us to be present for each other and actively interested. What’s a marriage when we’re not present for our spouse or seem disinterested in each other? Nobody wants a relationship that’s just for namesake. Marriage requires partners to be actively involved in each other’s biggest as well as the smallest joys and sorrows equally.

So, when I say that “I promise to be zealous” it also means that we are willing to keep the zing in the relationship alive and keep upping the oomph factor and continue to be desirous to each other.

With this, we come to an eventful month of blogging. You can find the opening post to the vows “What marriage means to me?” here and the previous vow with alphabet Y here.


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