How did my blog get its name?

My own little world! The reason for the existence of my blog and its name!

Today is a special day. It’s my birthday today and I wanted to share a special story on this special day. It’s the story about how I came to finalize my blog name. I hope you all enjoy it.

I have often been asked how I came up with my blog name. It’s funny how people come up with names in the most unique ways. While for some it might take a lot of meticulous planning, for others it might be on a whim. Some would say ‘what’s in a name’, but for me naming my blog was a lot like naming my son. Just as I wanted a perfect name for my son, I wanted it to be perfect for my blog too – my second baby, my brainchild. I was so obsessed about finding the right name that I also remember losing sleep over it! In fact, choosing a name was the very first thing I did when starting my blog.

So the first things that came to my mind, promptly, while naming my blog were:

Why did I want to start it?

What was the purpose behind it?

While brainstorming for my blog name, I had certain things in mind:

1) For a name, I wanted something which could uniquely depict me, be relevant and which I could relate to.

2) I wanted my blog name to be catchy and familiar, yet be meaningful.

3) I knew I wanted to write about my journey as a mother while I raise my little one, but I did not want it to be pegged as just a parenting blog. I wanted it to be something much more – something which I could grow with.

4) The name needed to be versatile and allow for flexibility, on the tone of the posts as well as the categories and subjects.

5) But most importantly, I wanted the name to be such that it allows me to encompass everything in my life.

And, then began the soul-searching and brainstorming.

After a little soul searching and a short brainstorming session with a close friend I did come up with a name finally. It was this beautiful phrase I had been in love with since my graduation. I was so in love with the phrase that I had used it for my dedication page on both my M. Sc. and Ph. D. theses. For very long I was (and still am) in love with ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ for a name. I was so fascinated by the deep meaning of the phrase, that it felt as if it best suited to me and it would be just perfect for what I was going to present to my readers.

So, now that I had a name I wanted a custom domain (and preferably ‘.com’) because I disliked the idea of giving away my baby to someone even for babysitting. So purchasing a domain had always been a priority for I wanted a safe place for my baby to grow and develop. And I am glad that I decided on purchasing it since having a custom domain has given a serious pump to my confidence, wanting me to strive for excellence besides making me appear to be a serious blogger who means business.

I had already given a thought about branding it and so I wanted the same name across different social media sites. Thanks to a close friend and well wisher who guided me through each step. But when I began searching for its availability, to my utter dismay, it was already taken (nobody was using it though). Ugh! When finding that one perfect succinct name in every way was challenging enough, now I had to find another. It was heartbreaking, it was devastating and I was disappointed.

The search began yet again.

This time around I looked up the thesaurus, tried several name generators and also tried jumbling different words, but just couldn’t come up with anything suitable. I didn’t realize finding a name would be so time-taking and laborious. Then one fine day when I was about to give up the idea completely, I happened to think of ‘Cloud and Sunshine’. I completely give it to a grateful twist of fate that all of a sudden it popped into my head.

And ever since I have been revelling in it, it has become so special! It is home.

Motherhood, for me, was a distant dream for some time when trying to conceive was a struggle (as if it was cloudy all around), and it felt as though it would forever remain a dream. But then a ray of hope gleamed –like sunshine. And so the name ‘Cloud and Sunshine’ kind of stuck. The time that we were trying, taught me to see and admire the beauty of the bigger picture rather than concentrate on just the bad because there’s always a hope, there’s always a sunshine peeping from behind the clouds. Motherhood itself is an everyday struggle I choose to fight, where I learn to embrace the struggle and challenges because that’s life.

And that is how ‘Cloud and Sunshine’ was born.

I had to check again to see if the domain was available, and voila, it hadn’t been taken and ever since I have been using the same name across my social media handles to register my online presence, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

So, to me, ‘Cloud and Sunshine’ is the perfect fit and description of my blog. It kind of fulfills me and sums up my life as a mother as well as my life beyond it, for it has been my way of exploring my fresh identity and finding peace with my new journey. Apart from being a medium to share my feelings, opinions, experiences, and learning, it is also a way of chronicling my wonderful experience of raising Shaarav. It is like a legacy I wish to leave for my son and I couldn’t be happier and satisfied.

My blog name gives me pride every single day.

I totally love it and I couldn’t imagine having a different name now. Because, somehow, in an inexplicable way, it promises to represent me through all stages of my life and life experiences, both learned and earned. And as I steer my way into blogging, I have been realizing how my blog name fits in other different ways as well. I just needed to add the tagline Tales of Our Rendezvous with Life and Parenthood’ to give a little more meaning and persona to it.

The names tell us so much about the person and their unique reasons for deciding to blog. So, what’s your story behind your blog name? How did you come to choose your blog name? I would love to hear your one-of-a-kind stories about it. Tell me in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “How did my blog get its name?

      1. The name is life long elation…
        Elation means happiness and I took life long from live long life…. it took me very long to reach upto it…. A very long time.
        I love it and I would like to purchase my domain name on it.?

  1. Great post! My name was an attempt to capture the essence of what I love about great architecture (which is the main topic of my work). ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Stasis’ are two conditions which seem to be at odds – but in all things of beauty I think there is a conflict – between rough and smooth, complex and simple, ordinary and sublime. I’m probably not explaining it very well – but I suppose I like the paradox.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Even my blog name depicts a conflict of good times and bad times, only meaning to admire the beauty of both and seeing the bigger picture. Will definitely go through your ‘About’ page to know about you and your blog name better. ?

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